This year of reading instruction is critical

We think reading instructors should be spending time on the highest value work: instruction. Time is too often lost to assessments that don't give teachers the insight they need to meet students where they are.

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Teach faster

The guesswork of reading groups ends.
The great teaching begins.

Cohort seamlessly integrates formative assessment into your day. Effective, flexible small groups are finally possible. The hard part is done.

Formative data
Cohort helps you center in on exactly what each student needs, helping you group students flexibly and efficiently into small groups with similar needs.
Know your students
Readers are people first. Knowing your learner and teaching reading are not separate activities. Strengthen relationships with students and effectively teach reading, in one coordinated effort.
Science of reading
The science of learning reading has been well-understood for decades. As researchers learn more, we make best practices easily accessible to you.
Group Instruction
Meet your students where they are with dynamically formed groups that use student needs to determine optimal small groups of students for efficient and effective instruction.